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YNOT LaserPort

The NW’s premier Laser Tag Entertainment Center

Laser Tag at LaserPort is an exhilarating, competitive game played in a futuristic, 5,000 square foot arena of swirling fog, glowing pillars, and maze-like passageways enhanced with black lights, strobes, lasers, and sound tracks.

Gear Up!

Up to 4 Teams

5,000 sq. ft. arena

Tag and Win

Up to 4 teams of 12 people each , all equipped with packs and lasers, compete to see who can capture the competing team’s bases and score points by ‘tagging’ the other players.  The team with the highest score wins the game and the individual with the highest score receives recognition.  People of all ages can play … young and old alike.  Each game takes approximately 25 minutes overall.

Players venture into the mission briefing room where they are prepared for the game.  Each briefing consists of the following steps:

  • Participants are grouped into teams.
  • Each player is given their equipment … packs and lasers.
  • A briefing is given on how the game is played, how the equipment works, and what the safety guidelines are.
  • Each team is led into the arena to their respective bases where their packs and lasers are activated.
  • As adrenaline increases, hearts begin pumping faster, palms begin to sweat, and senses are on high alert … the game begins!!

Laser Tag

@ Barcode Grill
  • 2 games for $13.00 w/ Coupon
  • 3 games for $17 (Friday/Saturday 9pm – midnight/Sunday 6pm – 9pm)

How Do You Accumulate Points?

The object of the game is to score as many points as you can.  In the most played game, LazerBase Control, points accumulate several ways.

Tagging Opponents First you can, with your phaser, “tag” players from the other teams scoring points as you do.  When this occurs, you deactivate their ability to use their phaser for about 3 seconds.  They will know they have been tagged because their pack makes a crashing noise and flashes white.  During this time, they cannot fire their laser nor can they tag any other player rendering them helpless.

Capturing Bases The second way you can score points is by capturing your opponent’s base.  There are four bases (red, yellow, green, blue) for each of the four teams.  Each base has a Dome in the wall of the base that becomes the target of the opposing teams.  After firing your laser at the opposing team’s Dome and hitting it, you’re awarded points.  It will be indicated by a really loud crashing sound and the dome light will go off for a few seconds.

Different types of laser tag games

There are multiple game types.  The two standard games we offer to the public are:

LazerBase Control. This is the normal team game with up to four teams and up to 12 players per team.  Each team’s goal is to protect their respective bases while pursuing the other players and their bases. Each player gets an initial 60 shots and 15 lives.  When these lives are used up, the player needs to go back to their home base to recharge to get another 60 shots and 15 lives.  The team that gets the most points wins!!

Manhunt. This game is everybody vs. everybody … no teams.  Each player has an unlimited number of shots and lives. There is no recharging nor are there any bases to defend.  Scoring points occurs by tagging any of the other players … you’re on your own!

Other Games Offered Include (played on special occasions or upon advanced request):

Super Rapid-Fire, Freeze-Ray, Computer Virus, Energizer, Deactivator, Invincible, Stealth, Force-Field, Deflector.

Laser Tag FAQ

How Long is Each Game?

The length of a Laser Tag game is, by the time you go through the mission briefing, vesting, game, unvesting, and receiving of the score cards, about 25 minutes from start to finish.

How Many People Can Play in Each Game?

Our facility can handle up to 48 people with 20 being optimal.

Is There Any Age or Height Requirements?

There are no age and height limitations.  However the packs are one size fits all. Usually anyone under six years of age has a hard time holding the weight of the pack (about 6 lbs.) for the entire length of the game.  If you are unsure if your child can hold the pack, we can put one on them and see before you play Laser Tag.

What Equipment is Used?

Each team member is equipped with a vest and a phaser. The vest covers both the chest and the back of the player’s body and is equipped with sensors on the front, back and shoulders. Each player is also given a phaser that fires a laser beam but also has sensors on each side and the tip.

The sensors pick up the laser beams from competitor’s lasers when the sensors are hit. When the sensor is hit, the player is considered “tagged”, their laser becomes inoperative for a set amount of time, and the competitor scores points.

Can the Lasers Hurt Your Eyes?

Our lasers are safe. Because of this, there is no required eye protection.

Is there a different price for kids and adults?

No. All pricing is the same no matter your age. The cost of the game includes all equipment and training fees.

Is it just my group playing?

We try to group teams with similar abilities. Most of the time, you are playing with other people in addition to your friends. All of our Laser Tag games are open to the public. However, if circumstances allow, we could arrange a game with only your group if it’s large enough.

How are the Teams Formed?

The teams are ultimately determined by the LaserSport staff (Mission Leader). You can request specific teams, and if able, we will form those requested teams.

What should I wear?

Comfortable shoes are recommended.  Light colored clothing will “glow” in the black light so some players feel they do better in darker clothes.  Backless sandals, open-toe, platform, and high-heel shoes are prohibited.

Is Laser Tag Dangerous to Play?

Laser Tag is a physical activity. Like all physically demanding sports and activities, there is a chance of getting hurt if you do not follow the rules. However, as long as you follow the rules, there is very little risk.

Do you need reservations?

It really depends on how busy we are.  Usually we take reservations for groups of 12 or more. Reservations do not guarantee a game at an exact time; we do our best to start your game around the time reserved. If you are doing one of our party packages, you must make advanced reservations. Exception – We do not take reservations for the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night specials.

What's the format for a birthday party?

Most of our parties follow the same format. You will sign up for a Laser Tag game, play your first game when called, eat, and then play your second game of Laser Tag. If you would like to change this standard format of your party, please let your party host/hostess know as soon as possible.

 Hours and Info

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3 Laser Tag Games for $17 on Weekends! (Fri & Sat 9pm-midnight, Sun 6pm-9pm)

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